BOOK OF SAND stands against the power structures of our modern world
and the delusions of human society.

some releases available for download at
or from their respective record labels

2.7 something has taken you so far from me
	in progress
2.6 seven candles for an empty altar
	in progress
2.5 as sacred as pain and as holy as grief (atrocious gnosis)
	in collaboration with Milo Fine
	available soon
2.4 on the fifth day of january my birthday shall be
	in progress
2.3.5 "seek out your oppressors and murder them"
	on the digital compilation "riffs for reproductive justice"
2.3 postmodern witchcraft (auris apothecary)
	available from auris apothecary
2.2 occult anarchist propaganda (mouthbreather records)
	available from mouthbreather
2.1 sun going down (atrocious gnosis)
	available from atrocious gnosis

1.7 elegy (mouthbreather records)
	available from mouthbreather
1.6 the face of the deep (mouthbreather records)
	available from mouthbreather
1.5 the face of the waters (antithetic records)
	no longer available
1.4 mourning star (music ruins lives)
	no longer available
1.3.5 split w/ the skin horse (insides music)
	available from insides music
1.3 the bees and the butterflies (mouthbreather records)
	re-released on auris apothecary
	no longer available
1.2 destruction, not reformation (paradigms recordings)
	available from paradigms
1.1 how beautiful to walk free
	available directly

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