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2.7 something has taken you so far from me
	in progress
2.6 seven candles for an empty altar
	in progress
2.5 as sacred as pain and as holy as grief (atrocious gnosis)
	in collaboration with Milo Fine
	available soon
2.4 on the fifth day of january my birthday shall be
	in progress
2.3.5 (tba)
	in progress
2.3 postmodern witchcraft (auris apothecary)
	available soon
2.2 occult anarchist propaganda (mouthbreather records)
	available from mouthbreather
2.1 sun going down (atrocious gnosis)
	available from atrocious gnosis

1.7 elegy (mouthbreather records)
	available from mouthbreather
1.6 the face of the deep (mouthbreather records)
	available from mouthbreather
1.5 the face of the waters (antithetic records)
	no longer available
1.4 mourning star (music ruins lives)
	no longer available
1.3.5 split w/ the skin horse (insides music)
	available from insides music
1.3 the bees and the butterflies (mouthbreather records)
	re-released on auris apothecary
	no longer available
1.2 destruction, not reformation (paradigms recordings)
	available from paradigms
1.1 how beautiful to walk free
	no longer available

Is there any doubt that the creation was an act of great violence by God our
Father against our Mother the abyss? He made the heavens and the earth and in
their image we created our world: every victim of a racial lynching, every target
of gendered violence, every abject creature crushed under the weight of imperialist
oppression is both the prey of children reenacting the cruelty of their Father and
a sacrifice to Him, that He might prevail in keeping the night away from the cold
harshness of His day. But, despite all the angels of Heaven and all the devils of
Hell, we can still hear in the heart of this miserable existence the whispering
echoes of Her voice calling us once again to the emptiness and the silence: let
us pray, then, that every palace will crumble and every throne will break, and that
the sun will grow dim and the moon turn black and the stars fall from the sky.

There are no male gods worth our worship; there are no white gods worth our
worship; Satan with his promise of strength and fortune and the old gods with
their fallen grandeur were nothing but His other faces, and the serpent and the
Promethean Lucifer only actors doing His bidding. Let us praise weakness, not
strength; confusion, not security; grief, not triumph; darkness, not esoteric light;
let our hearts belong only to the undoing of the wretched totality of His work and
our every yearning to the void, that She might rise again in all of Her sorrow and
loss to drown this world in the depth of her tears.